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5 Tips to Nail your Next Phone Interview

Interviews can happen in multiple different formats: In-person, over zoom, group settings. One common interview type that often happens early in the interview process is a phone interview.

It’s helpful as the applicant to know that initial phone interviews are almost always NOT the only step in an interview process. Oftentimes employers will conduct them as a first round in order to get a better idea of their applicant pool because let’s face it: a one page resume can only tell an employer so much.

With that being said, impressing a recruiter or hiring manager over the phone is just as important as any other type of interview, so here are 5 tips on nailing your upcoming phone interview:

1 – Go where you will be least distracted

Interviewers can tell if you are distracted, so make sure you are in a place that is quiet and easy to focus. If you know other people will be around during your scheduled interview time, it may be beneficial to go ahead and let them know you will be receiving a call to help avoid any interruptions! In addition, make sure you are somewhere with good service! It would be disappointing to have your service go out mid conversation.

2 – Turn off any spam blockers

We all know technology has evolved! Phones have been especially good about reporting spam callers and even blocking them all together because let’s face it: Nobody wants to hear about their car’s extended warranty again. With that said, because the interviewer may call from an unfamiliar number, be sure that any blockers are turned off to ensure that the call comes through. It may even help to ask what number or area code they may be calling from when you are setting up your interview!

3 – Be prepared

Just like an in-person interview, come prepared! Applicants who have done their research and practice answering questions often stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. Make sure to know who you applied with and have a general understanding of what the company does. If their website has their team, see if there is a bio listed for who you will be speaking to!

4 – Actively listen

Recruiters and Hiring Managers are great about being able to tell if you are actively listening and engaged in conversation. During your phone interview you will likely get more details on the job you’ve applied for and learn more about company culture. In order for you and the hiring manager to determine if this may be a good fit for you (and them), you need to stay engaged! If you are not engaged, it could easily come off that you are uninterested in the position even if that is not what you intended.

5 – Be professional

An interview is an interview no matter the format! Any time you are going through an interview process you want to be professional. Most people think of this just as being well dressed, and while that is a component to meeting in-person, there are other factors that show professionalism over the phone. For example, know what you are talking about and have key points you want to share already prepared. This will show confidence and interest to the hiring manager! Speaking in a professional tone, avoiding slang words, and not oversharing help contribute to the professional impression. While a recruiter and a hiring manager love getting to know you, “oversharing” can potentially hurt their overall impression of you, so make sure to stay away from taboo topics.

In conclusion, to ensure that you are ready for your upcoming phone interview, be sure to follow these 5 simple tips! We wish you the best of luck throughout your interview process and hope that this helps ease your mind and boost your confidence!

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