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April Office Updates

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Our Team

Our small but mighty team has continued to outdo themselves throughout the past month! In both Chattanooga and Baltimore, we have had new hires hit the sales floor running. In Chattanooga, Kaitlin Sizemore, continues to make sales and challenge herself. With goals in place, she has a clear eye on the prize and is consistently growing. In Baltimore, both Katelyn Fox and Toni Brown are also killing it! We are so proud of these Client Specialists and their hard work.

In Chattanooga, Khylia Lamb was promoted to Corporate Trainer! With weeks of pushing herself to meet goals, Khylia proved she was ready for this leadership role. Khlyia has begun learning parts of our hiring process, helping with training, and assisting new hires! Khylia we are so proud of you and are thankful for all you have brought to our team!

We’ve had 2 important birthdays in the office this month. Maleena celebrated at the end of the month with games and donuts in the office. Trixie, our Tri-State office pet, celebrated her half birthday. We can’t believe how big she’s gotten since we’ve gotten her and how much she is still growing!!

Travel & Networking

Chattanooga Corporate Trainer, Heidi Freed, participated in a regional competition and won a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi based on her outstanding performance. Along with the others who ended up in the top 5% of performers for the region, Heidi was given the chance to network with others and build relations during her trip. Maleena was able to join her for part of the trip and together they soaked up some sunshine on a boat ride!

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