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Dress to Impress

It’s a hustle and a bustle of a world out there; who knew how you dress could make such an impact? Different occasions call for different attire! Psychological studies have shown that by simply dressing nice, your level of self confidence can increase. Additionally, it can improve overall motivation and productivity. We are here to discuss how looking your best could help you and what that looks like in the workplace.

There are many reasons we want to dress professionally. For starters, it can leave a great first impression - especially on customers and interviewers! We recommend dressing professionally anytime you are attending interviews, meetings, formal presentations, networking events, or working with clients. Professional dress code frequently gains more respect and credibility in the workplace. Instantly gaining this level of respect can even give you a competitive advantage to other applicants or companies.

What does it look like to dress like a business professional?

Business professional is exactly as it sounds: professional and formal. This can look different for different genders, but generally speaking, everyone can follow some basic guidelines. Typically, collared shirts, dress pants, suites, blazers, belts, nicer shoes, and well-groomed hairstyles are some of the safest options when dressing professionally. For ladies, skirts, nice dresses, blouses, and even accessories can work in a professional environment. Men may choose to wear ties or jackets to accompany their look.

Generally speaking, you want to stay clear of jeans, transparent clothing, t-shirts, sandals, tank tops, workout attire, and more casual clothing when dressing professionally. While these clothing items may be perfect for a weekend of relaxation or hanging out with friends, it is not always the best option when you are wanting to leave a lasting impression.

As humans, we often have a desire to express ourselves, and many of us find an expressive outlet through what we wear. Dressing professionally is not to limit your expression, but rather to put your best self forward! So next time you're preparing for a professional event, keep these tips in mind!

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