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February Office Updates

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Our Team

February was extremely successful for the Tri-State Marketing Team! Starting off the month, Heidi Freed had the most new lines and was even recognized on a national representative call with AT&T for her outstanding work. The great work did not stop there. Last week our team not only met, but exceeded their sales goals as an office and was ranked 65 on the national bulletin for AT&T sales! With such a successful past few months, our CEO, Maleena Gregori, has been selected to speak at a national leadership conference to be held in Atlanta next week. Our Junior Directors (Kyle Sulls & Kyle Delaney), and Corporate Trainers, (Heidi Freed & Chucky Evans) will be joining her for this leadership opportunity.

We also have added some wonderful assets to our team throughout the month. Additional trainees are getting ready to hit the field this weekend for the first time and new hires continue to work to expand their skills sets. In Chattanooga, some of our new hires made their first sales and have only been working to go up since. In addtion, some of these hires have quickly taken advantage of the opportunity to work with us and continue to prove that they have great potential in this business. Because of that, these two Client Specialists are getting the opportunity to join our team for the leadership conference in Atlanta. We could not be more grateful for this ever-growing team of ours! Congratulations to everyone who has joined us this month.

If you know us, you know we had team nights throughout the month. Between bowling, Waffle House, and Buffalo Wild Wings, we tightened our bonds as a team outside of the office.

Travel & Networking

This month was yet another filled with travel and networking! Starting off the month Kevin Carr (Corporate Trainer) went to New Orleans to visit the Coast to Coast Events Inc. team where he networked with other leaders and produced sales in local stores. Following close behind, Maleena Gregori also took a trip to New Orleans, but this time to visit the OutBurst Consulting team for their first annual Galentines party for their clients. We are incredibly thankful for both Coast to Coast and OutBurst for hosting us and allowing us to learn from them!

In addition to the multiple visits to New Orleans, Kyle Delaney joined Kyle Sulls in Meridian, MS for a few days on his way to Columbus, GA! Delaney had a wonderful performance while on the road!


While February was full of travels, March is going to be one with even higher expectations. Having our current expansion under works, a new location for Kyle Sulls and Kyle Delaney has been proposed and selected: Baltimore, MD! Alex Rand and Chucky Evans, Corporate Trainers, will be joining them! They are expected to open their market in Baltimore by the end of the month, with hopes to begin building their own team in the north.

As a team, we are beyond excited for them and cannot wait to see what great things will be accomplished in the near future.

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