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January Office Updates

At Tri-State, we’ve decided to kick off 2022 with something new: office updates! We want you to be able to see what our team is doing on a month by month basis. Check back at the beginning of each month to hear what we have been up to!

Our Team

This month has been a big one for our team! We have hired quite a few new Client Specialists throughout the month, some of which made their first sales within their first week! Amongst the new Client Specialists is Lexi Wesson who has proven herself to be consistent and has continued to achieve sales each week she has been with us! We predict great things from Lexi as she continues to build her career with us!

In addition to the success of new hires, Heidi Freed, Corporate Trainer, has yet again outdone herself. For 10 consecutive weeks she has achieved 5+ Apps, proving to be one of our most consistent representatives. In addition to her performance in the field, she has stepped up in the office to help conduct in-person interviews and train new hires. We are so lucky to have Heidi as part of our team!

Aside from the work field, we pride ourselves on building relationships with one another outside of the office. This month was packed with team building events from nerf wars (an employee favorite) to ice skating in Downtown Chattanooga. To bring some of the fun into the office, Maleena adopted a baby bearded dragon, Trixie, who happily greets employees each morning they come in!

Travel & Networking

January fulfilled much wanderlust for our Tri-State Team! To start off the new year, we had a visit from our Meridian representatives, Kyle Sulls and Chucky Evans! Not only did we get to spend time with them at our team night we also got the opportunity to help Kyle promote Chucky to Corporate Trainer, opening up the opportunity to learn even more skillsets in the business. Not long after wrapping up that visit, we were given the chance to network with ProLogic Marketing, another outsourced marketing firm that is based out of Pensacola, Florida. Not only did ProLogic Marketing send two of their employees, Kempton and Tim, to Chattanooga, but we were also able to send Maleena and Heidi down to their office. During this opportunity we were able to share advice with one another regarding leadership, sales, and training. Thank you, ProLogic Marketing for hosting us and for allowing us to learn from Kempton and Tim in Chatty!


During our recent expansion to Meridian, MS, Kyle Sulls has displayed characteristics of a well-rounded and successful leader. He has quickly grown his own team in Meridian and has focused on helping his group become professional individuals. Meanwhile, in Chattanooga, Kyle Delaney has had equally successful efforts from holding down the office while the CEO, Maleena, is on road trips to taking the time to learn new skill sets.

Both Sulls and Delaney currently work as Junior Directors at Tri-State Marketing, and have shown they are ready for the next step in their careers. With that said, we are excited to announce that this duo will be heading to the Portland, Oregon area in the near future to open a new market! They will be taking Alex Rand (Chattanooga Corporate Trainer) and Chucky Evans (Meridian Corporate Trainer) alongside them to help establish a team in Portland.

We could not be more proud of both Sulls & Delaney! The west coast is about to get two hard working professionals who are nothing shy of amazing at what they do.

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