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July Office Updates

Our Team

Our team is working hard during these hot summer months! While we continue to grow, our newer client specialists continue to impress us! Among this group is Kenny Fischer II! Kenny is certainly one to look out for as he continues to strive to better himself. From staying late to practice his pitch to asking questions when he needs to, Kenny has stood out to us for his hard work and determination to succeed!

To show appreciation for her employees, Maleena likes to give bonuses through competitions. This month, our reps participated in a raffle, earning tickets for their performance in our retail stores! Khylia Lamb won a bonus during the competition, showing us that a little friendly competition here and there can be a good thing!

Travel & Networking

Starting off the month, Maleena traveled to New York where she was able to spend time with family outdoors. The trip allowed for leaders back home the chance to step up and put their leadership skills to the test. Both leaders did an amazing job and impressed us with their ability to lead others while Maleena was away.

To wrap up the month, Maleena Gregori (CEO), Heidi Freed (Junior Director), and Khylia Lamb (Corporate Trainer) attended the annual regional leadership conference in Atlanta, Georgia. During this conference, leaders are given the chance to hear from speakers and network with others from all over the region. It provides a great opportunity to learn and find motivation from others within the same field.


We are beyond excited to announce that during the leadership meeting in Atlanta, Heidi Freed was promoted to Junior Director! Heidi has been a very valuable asset to our team, stepping up and demonstrating leadership to many of her peers. She has been working diligently to assist our CEO in conducting interviews, helping with training, and building a team. Her strengths lie in the interview process because of her ability to interact and understand people of all backgrounds. Heidi’s hard work during her time as a Corporate Trainer has made this promotion well deserved.

We are so excited to see what great things are to come for Heidi. After watching her growth during her time as a Corporate Trainer, we are confident Heidi has great things coming her way in this next step.

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