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June Office Updates

Our Team

Lot’s of great things have come out of the month of June! For starters, our newest Client Specialist, Sergio Hernandez, has put in an outstanding amount of work to drive his performance in the field, even coming in on days off to better himself. Amanda Peppers, another promising Client Specialist, has brought our team so many laughs this month! Amanda has been an amazing morale booster for so many of us and we are so happy to have her as part of our team.

Both of our Corporate Trainers, Heidi Freed and Khylia Lamb, continue to impress us all! Heidi has yet again been named as one of the top 100 preforming AT&T representatives in the nation and earned herself a common club paycheck (a week’s paycheck containing a value with a comma)! Meanwhile, Khylia was named as one of the top 150 preforming AT&T representatives in the nation and she continues to push herself towards her own personal goals. She has been working hard to improve her skills in the hiring process. While it may be an area that made her nervous at first, she continues to face hiring head on with the determination to improve for our prospective employees.

Travel & Networking

With the warm weather comes warm destinations! This month, Maleena traveled to Cabo, Mexico with some other CEOs we frequently network with. Our opportunity to travel with this group helps make our network stronger and gives us the ability to rely on one another in times we need it most. Having our directors build these relationships is what allows our leaders and client specialists to also visit other markets frequently.

Both of our leaders were able to travel this month. Heidi made her way down to Columbus, Georgia while Khylia headed up north to Springfield, IL. Both of these ladies produced well and learned lots from the markets they visited - one of the most important things being that knowing the demographic of your audience matters. Having this critical piece of knowledge can help you communicate effectively and cater to the needs of your customer. While we are thankful they got to go off and spend time networking, we are thrilled to have them both back in the Chattanooga office and working harder than ever.

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