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March Office Updates

Our Team

With April here, we cannot believe it is already time to share with you our March office updates! Leaders on our team have shown a great level of hard work and dedication throughout the month and continue to tackle challenges as role models.

At the beginning of the month, Heidi Freed, Kyle Delaney, Kyle Sulls, and Chucky Evans attended a regional leadership conference in Atlanta where our CEO, Maleena Gregori, was invited to speak! With 400+ people in attendance, Maleena presented on how to successfully welcome new hires to our team! At Tri-State, we offer orientation dates and daily training for our new hires - something we have found to be great success! Sharing her experience at the conference allowed for others to learn from her, and vice versa. In addition to Maleena speaking, The Kyles were officially promoted to Directors while in attendance. Congratulations to you both!

At Tri-State Marketing, we believe in leaving an impact wherever we go. With that said, while in Atlanta, we joined our network in giving back to locals. Each leader was given cash and as a team we walked through Atlanta giving back to those in need. As a team, we saw many people smile in thankfulness at our small acts of kindness.

In addition, we wanted to take a second to shout out Client Specialist, Kyhlia Lamb! Kyhlia has proven herself to be a dedicated and driven young woman. We could not be more proud of her work and consistent growth throughout her time with us. We can’t wait to see what great things she accomplishes in the future!

Travel & Networking

One thing is clear: our little crew is filled with wanderlust! Mya Bevis, our Talent Acquisition Specialist & Administrative Assistant, joined others on her recruitment team for a girls weekend in Houston, Texas where they witnessed the world’s largest rodeo first hand! On her way to Texas, she stopped by New Orleans to join her OutBurst Consulting crew and the Coast to Coast Events Inc. team!

However, that was not the only pit-stop we made in Texas this month! Maleena went to Dallas, TX to attend a second leadership conference where she was able to speak with national consultants and CEOs also working in mobility and technology. Aside from all the action in Texas, we got some visitors from Red Mountain Events in Birmingham, Alabama: Whitney & Madelyn. These two Corporate Trainers joined our team for 5 days, not only learning from our processes, but teaching us theirs too. Thank you both for coming to Chattanooga and for your feedback!


Baltimore, MD is up and running! Kyle Sulls, Kyle Delaney, Alex Rand, and Chucky Evans have officially established themselves in our Baltimore partner stores. They are already off to an outstanding start with their sales and continue to only go up from here!

Prior to their departure, our team did what we do best: Nerf Wars! As an office favorite for team night, we could not let these four reps leave without anything shy awesomeness. Maleena decorated the office, provided a cornucopia of snacks, and presented them with going away gifts.

(I mean, seriously - best boss ever!)

With 4 stores to cover in Baltimore, they are beginning their hiring process. They have already added a Client Specialist to their team who will be starting in the field within the next few days! If anyone you know is looking for work in the Baltimore Area, feel free to reach out! We would love to chat with you about possible opportunities on our team.

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