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May Office Updates

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Our Team

May was a busy time for the #ChattyCrew! From team night at SpareTime Bowling to taking a trip to New Orleans, we have had our fair share of fun this month. Our team has grown exponentially and we have welcomed several new hires to our work family all of whom we are so excited to watch grow with our team. Among our May new hires is Peyton White, a very promising sales representative with a strong drive to succeed! Once Peyton got her first sale, things only went up. She has already exceeded her goals for the week and it's only Friday! Congratulations, Peyton and welcome to the team!

Another person we would like to spotlight is Kaitlin Sizemore. Kaitlin has dedicated herself to learning the ins and outs of her position here at Tri-State and the hard work quickly paid off. After only 4 weeks of working with us, Kaitlin achieved the results required to be promoted to Corporate Trainer. Now on the leadership team, Kaitlin has taken on new roles including training Client Specialists and providing an outstanding example to those joining us.

Last, but not least, Heidi Freed, is on yet another roll! We are pleased to announce that Heidi was recognized as one of the top 100 AT&T representatives in the nation. Working with highly reputable clients, it is imperative we are always putting our professional selves forward to our customers and Heidi does just that. Thank you, Heidi, for representing our clients to the highest of standards!

Travel & Networking

In Baltimore, our team is growing quickly! So many new hires have joined Kyle Sulls and Kyle Delaney’s teams and continue to help them establish a presence for our clients in the Baltimore area. As they continue to grow, Kyle Sulls has gone to network in Pittsburg, PA! He is there to check out what great things happen in their office that could potentially be adapted to help us in ours. Thank you to the Pittsburgh team for hosting Kyle and showing us some tricks from up north!

Maleena and Mya also took a quick trip down to New Orleans together. Because of our strong networking community and the relationships they've built with other companies, they are able to frequently make trips like these to celebrate one another. It was a quick trip, but they were so excited to see work family from all over the south east and had a blast.

Giving Back

As a company, we believe in giving back to those around us. This month as an act of service, we made a donation to the Drawing on Hope: Stacie McGowan Cox Memorial Endowed Scholarship through the Savannah College of Art and Design. This scholarship goes towards helping students access resources and enabling them to reach their most ambitious goals, something Tri-State happily supports!

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