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You landed the job: Now what? Key reminders for starting a new job

Weeks of writing resumes, talking to recruiters, and attending interviews have finally paid off! You landed the job you worked hard to get, but now what?

For many people, coming in for the first day of a new job can sometimes seem as daunting as the interview process. There may be high expectations you’ve set for yourself or goals you are ready to reach. Even though you landed the job, the pressure is on because you still want to impress your new co-workers and leaders.

"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do." - Henry Ford

So what can you do to make sure you stay successful once you’ve landed the role?

Here are a couple quick tips we encourage any new hire to check out!

1. Go back to the basics.

Those same basic tips that got you the job help you keep it. Even once you land the job, it is important to remember basic workplace etiquette such as being on time or dressing to impress. Setting these good habits from the start will help you keep them as you settle into your new role.

2. Own mistakes and accept failures.

Mistakes and failures really are just part of the duty that comes with being human, but what really sets people apart from one another is how we choose to handle or react to these types of situations. There is nothing more admirable than someone who is able to own their mistakes.

It can be easy to put lots of pressure on yourself to be perfect when starting a new job, but mistakes are going to be made and it’s better to recognize that going into the job rather than placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. However, you have to be able to accept where you went wrong and, even more importantly, own up to it. Being able to learn from and provide solutions to mistakes is what paves a path to success, so put a strong emphasis on your reaction when the time comes.

"We need to accept that we won't always make the right decisions, that we will screw up royally sometimes - understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success." - Arianna Huffington

3. Approach the job with a student mentality

With less than 1% of the world’s population being qualified geniuses, everyone has room to learn - especially on the job! While confidence is great to have going into a new job, don’t let your ego overshadow the opportunity you have to learn regardless of your experience level.

Even if you are just out of school, being actually on the job is much different than being in the classroom. School gives you the tools and knowledge you need to be able to apply your skills, while the job itself can show you how the real world utilizes these skill sets. For those with years of experience in a field, we know that different companies have different approaches to the work they do, so be willing to listen and try something new. Established companies likely use their approaches intentionally and have already been through a trial and error process to get themselves where they are today, so it doesn’t hurt to hear what they have learned along the way.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Because starting a new job is a learning process for everyone, do not be afraid to ask questions! It’s better to go ahead and ask for help if you need it early on so that as you settle into your job you feel more confident in what you are doing. If your company offers training, this is a great time to speak up if they are teaching something that doesn’t make sense. Remember: everyone learns differently, so if you are struggling, you may want to talk to your leader about what alternatives you can use to get the hang of your new role!

5. Make an effort to get to know your co-workers!

Work is a much more enjoyable place when you are able to build friendships with your co-workers, so that’s why you should make an effort to get to know people when you start a new position! At Tri-State Marketing, we want our work environment to feel like home, so you may often find us playing team building games to help our employees feel closer together! Take full advantage of these opportunities, especially when first starting out!

While starting a new job can bring a handful of emotions - excitement, anxiety, eagerness, & more - we hope these 5 reminders help you as you begin to navigate the next chapter! A new job is often viewed as a fresh start & a new opportunity, so take full advantage of the opportunity you have been given!

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